When choosing the right equipment for viticulture, the following should be taken into consideration:

- material durability
durability of the material is very important characteristic when it comes to choosing the right product. The posts we produce are made from material whose lifetime in outdoor conditions is one of the most lasting of all the materials found on the market. It is a polymer material whose lifetime is estimated at around 80 years.

- Equipment installation:
One should always have in mind the importance of correct equipment installation. Only two workers and one working machine are needed for the installation of our equipment, and during the period of eight hours , more than 1000 posts can be installed.

- Quality of fabrication:
quality of every product gains its importance after some time, that is, when the equipment comes to its full usage. Our products are of high quality because they are made of european high - quality, original materials. Top production technologies we use enable the product to gain its uniform texture.

- Technical characteristics:
technical characteristics are very important when it comes to the equipment which is exposed to outdoor conditions, that is, under influence of bad weather conditions such as wind, hail, snow as well as very high and very low air temperature. Our equipment is resistant to all of the previously mentioned weather conditions, which puts it at the very top of the viticulture equipment quality scale.

- Advantages of plastic posts compared to concrete posts:
plastic posts have low weight and very high level of plasticity. In comparison to concrete posts, they are ten times lighter. They do not drain soil, and are resistant to wind blows up to 150 km/h. Their durability is estimated at 80 years. They can be installed in the ground by the machine. They are very resistant to impacts caused by the machinery.